I lost my guide,..dah lame aku tak datang sini..kecian..dah penuh dengan sarang labah-labah yang langsung tidak diundang...the real examination(spm) dah dekat..tapi aku pulak dapat masalah tanpe henti-henti..mesti korang tanye aku ade masalah ke tak kan?the answer is yes!aku rindu kawan-kawan aku...sometimes,when i miss you, i listen to music or look at pictures of you,not to reminds me of  you but to make me feel as if i'm  with make me forget the distance and capture with you...


That my fault..i create and i must face it! sometime,when we are under a lot  of stress and we snap each one give the attention you do when i have a problem or just need to talk....

Thanks for giving advice to handle my big problem...Aku amat bersyukur mempunyai kamu sabagai kawan aku.....u're the better than a sister.No siblings always know the right things to say
nasihat aku kat my readers ialah a good friends helps you when you fall, a best friends pees their pants laughing,trips you again and call you a**hole.

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